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100 – HMFB takeaways


Podcast: Download (Duration: 55:53 — 38.4MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 55:52) In this final episode (yes, we’re ending at the century mark), we share some of our stories abroad, such as coconuts and natural pedestrian movement in Vietnam. ;) We cover some of the highlights over the past few years, as well as some typical flawed messages from …

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99 – Interview with Eat by Choice, Not by Habit author Sylvia Haskvitz


Podcast: Download (Duration: 36:58 — 25.4MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 36:57)In this show we talk with nonviolent communication (NVC) trainer Sylvia about her book and experiences helping individuals relate to themselves and others in life-enriching ways. Instead of playing the blame game (which can become never-ending), NVC focuses on the quality of the connection in order to empathize …

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98 – Choices to be healthy


Podcast: Download (Duration: 24:29 — 16.8MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 24:29)In this episode we discuss keeping healthy during such candy-laden times as Halloween. Dark chocolate and coconut shavings “toasted” in either butter or coconut oil are great alternatives. Since we live in a culture that doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace healthy lifestyles, it can be challenging to navigate social relations. …

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97 – The mental side of weight loss and our new webinar


Podcast: Download (Duration: 15:52 — 10.9MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 15:51)In this episode (sorry for the delay!) we discuss the various problems with the “calorie-counting diet and exercise” approach to weight loss. This sort of lifestyle is not really helpful for most people, both in terms of keeping the excess fat off and maintaining a healthy and happy …

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96 – Reflections on the Olympics and understanding self-compassion


Podcast: Download (Duration: 36:20 — 25.0MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 36:20)In this show we discuss aspects of the 2012 Olympics (and the scant NBC coverage, as usual), including our personal favorites such as the Coca Cola collectors cans! ;)  What better way than carbonated sugar water and McDonalds to ensure getting the gold or packing on extra pounds! …

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95 – Interview with Sweet Potato Power author Ashley Tudor


Podcast: Download (Duration: 41:56 — 28.8MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 41:55)With our guest Ashley Tudor, we explore the ins and outs of the splendid root known as the sweet potato, often called “yams” in grocery stores (which is a misnomer because yam is actually a different, much less nutritious species and a tuber not a root). Sweet potatoes …

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94 – Carb binges and standards of perfection


Podcast: Download (Duration: 25:22 — 17.4MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 25:21)In this show we delve into the process of binging on carbs, as noted in a recent study. In an all-too-common practice, people reach for the carbs to deal with their hunger and cravings, rather than relying on healthy fat as their main energy source. The key is …

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93 – Grocery shopping and eating your veggies


Podcast: Download (Duration: 29:58 — 20.6MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 29:58)In this show we discuss a trip to the grocery store, providing some insights regarding such things as coconut milk, meats, and peanut butter. As far as vegetables go, studies have shown that they’ve declined in micronutrient content over the last few decades. So, don’t skimp on them …

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92 – Issues of weight loss and gain and life-extension


Podcast: Download (Duration: 23:32 — 16.2MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 23:31) We discuss Kevin’s return to cool SoCal from hot and humid Asia. Apparently, traveling in developing countries can be a way to lose weight, whether or not one wants to! Lots of heat, walking, and small portions can take their toll. So, getting more protein and fat …

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91 – Health and fitness traveling tales from Asia


Podcast: Download (Duration: 24:01 — 16.5MB)Subscribe: RSS(duration 24:00) In this show, we discuss the fine art of eating healthily while traveling abroad. Kevin relates his ongoing experiences in southeast Asia, where there’s hot food and hot climate! He’s noticed lots of junk food and soda that people are consuming, especially tourists. The widespread consumption of …

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