92 – Issues of weight loss and gain and life-extension


(duration 23:31)

We discuss Kevin’s return to cool SoCal from hot and humid Asia. Apparently, traveling in developing countries can be a way to lose weight, whether or not one wants to! Lots of heat, walking, and small portions can take their toll. So, getting more protein and fat (and some carbs from sweet potatoes), as well as strength training, is now on Kev’s agenda. Both weight gain and weight loss can entail self-acceptance and self-image issues. Using a feeding tube (as in the case of the “K-E Diet”) as a substitute for psychological understanding can of course be costly. Caloric restriction (w/ optimal nutrition) might have anti-aging and health benefits, yet this needs to be balanced with overall well-being and a pleasurable life. Probably our best bet for extending our life-spans involves bio-tech innovations that target the main factors in aging, such as what Aubrey de Grey proposes (http://sens.org).

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