As many recent listeners may know, I’ve been offering counseling services and free resources on my other site ( for over a decade. In the context of the rebooted Healthy Mind Fit Body show, I’m offering these services as well.

Especially with the latest podcast series on the nature of developmental trauma, as well as prior ones about “inner critics” and shame, you might be desiring some empathetic listening and compassionate understanding of what you’ve been going through. If you’d like to process your internal experiences in more depth, in order to achieve more integration and BRIE (Balance, Resilience, Insight, and Empathy) as Dan Siegel calls it, please feel free to email me at, and we can set up an online introductory session pro bono. After that, my fee here is $55 per hour session.

I hope you’ve been coping well during this crisis lately, and I look forward to hearing about your particular journey and challenges.

P.S., As you might know, I’m quite fond of the work of the late self-esteem psychologist Nathaniel Branden. Honoring The Self was the first book I read of his (around 1994):

On Complete Liberty Podcast a few years ago I read Branden’s 1970 book titled Breaking Free (, which relates his experiences with clients in a group therapy setting involving issues from their childhoods and their present-day impact: