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104 – Focusing on emotional well-being

(duration 11:46) In this episode we discuss our new burn-fat-for-life program, which reflects our renewed focus on the mental aspects of living well and being well. This involves an inner true-self revolution that honors your... Read More
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103 – Mastering habits

(duration 15:41) In this episode we discuss the nature of habits and how we can formulate enriching strategies that can last a lifetime. This entails learning how to meet needs without the usual costs or... Read More
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102 – Finding your motivation

(duration 10:04) Another short episode (2 of 3 in our series), in which we cover some of the possibly overlooked aspects of motivation. We’ll be exploring these vital aspects much more in our new course... Read More
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101 – Self-concept facets

(duration 11:17) We’re back! In this short episode, we cover some of the mental aspects that we’ll be exploring in our new course called Burn Fat For Life. Stay tuned for the next two episodes…... Read More
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100 – HMFB takeaways

(duration 55:52) In this final episode (yes, we’re ending at the century mark), we share some of our stories abroad, such as coconuts and natural pedestrian movement in Vietnam. ;) We cover some of the... Read More
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98 – Choices to be healthy

(duration 24:29)In this episode we discuss keeping healthy during such candy-laden times as Halloween. Dark chocolate and coconut shavings “toasted” in either butter or coconut oil are great alternatives. Since we live in a culture... Read More

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