156 – Delta variant issues and covid-19 vaccines, ivermectin and nanobodies as solutions, integrating trauma instead of reliving it


Centralized, top-down organizations continue to forward vaccines at the exclusion of viable solutions, regardless of costs. Higher viral load found with Delta variant of SARS2. Israel evidenced more breakthroughs in vaccinated persons; booster shots seem to provide further immunity. FDA approves the Pfizer vaccine beyond the EUA designation, with long-term safety data still yet to be determined. Lots of fear-mongering about vaccine safety can be found in alternative media, much of which has been addressed by Dr. Mobeen Syed (links below). Once again, ivermectin can be useful for prevention and treatment of covid-19. New inhaleable nanobodies are extremely potent as SARS2 neutralizers, but such ingenious products have yet to become available, facing hindrances by Amber-stage institutions. Professor Robert Clancy has promoted ivermectin for covid-19 prevention and treatment in the authoritarian Land Down Unda. The Oxford Principle Trial examining ivermectin’s treatment efficacy is methodologically flawed. Chairman of Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, Dr. Haruo Ozaki, declares during surge, time for ivermectin is now. Widespread disinformation and misinformation campaigns continue against ivermectin’s use as SARS2 prophylactic and covid-19 treatment. Governments and those supporting them violate people’s choice-making ability; mandates, prohibitions, and punishments fail to help people thrive; instead, they make people relive trauma. A mindful perspective on trauma assists in healing and growing. Authoritarian parenting scales up to edicts by “authorities” in centralized organizations. Pierre Kory contracts covid-19 while taking ivermectin prophylactically, so the FLCCC Alliance has revamped their prevention protocol to twice-per-week dosing (instead of once). Some prominent anti-vaccine advocates have recently died of covid-19, and fitness icon Bill Phillips came close to dying from contracting covid-19 the second time; his natural immunity apparently worked against him. ADE remains a factor in covid-19 (not vaccines).

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here’s an example of fear-mongering claims, which Dr. Mobeen Syed has helpfully addressed (links below)…
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