154 – Detrimental corporate farming, vegan dogma, YouTube take-downs and crime of the century


Riffing on the last episode with Robb Wolf, we explore more of the misguided perspectives of the corporate-model of farming and ranching, followed by the viable and sustainable solutions to providing nutrient-rich food for humans. While the vegan, or anti-meat, agenda has a multiplicity of mistaken notions, some aspects of it do recognize major problems with factory farming and cultural dysfunction. Needless to say, lab meat will leave much to be desired. Then, we explore the important insights covered on the DarkHorse Podcast by evolutionary biologists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, and the arbitrary nature of YouTube deletions of their shows, which diverged from the “official” narrative by “authorities” about the pandemic and the solutions to it. Ivermectin remains a long-standing, vital drug in this discussion, because it’s had the capacity to safely and cheaply end the pandemic, instead of new vaccines and newly patented antivirals under FDA “Emergency Use Authorization.” Merck has shunned deploying its very own ivermectin (now off patent), favoring instead a new drug with similar characteristics garnering over a billion dollars from the federal government. As noted previously, many solutions to the pandemic haven’t been utilized due to the archaic Amber-stage, top-down organizational model of society at present and the “maximize shareholder wealth” mantra, which diminishes people’s values. A free market with free minds is still in our future. Check out the Low-Carb Conference and the new doc Wisdom Of Trauma.


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“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”
Bret and Heather 82nd DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: Dodging the Buzz Saw
available audio: https://podbay.fm/p/bret-weinstein-or-darkhorse-podcast/e/1622329200
“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”
COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein
available audio: https://podbay.fm/p/bret-weinstein-or-darkhorse-podcast/e/1622588400
“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”
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available audio: https://podbay.fm/p/bret-weinstein-or-darkhorse-podcast/e/1623394800

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