150 – Covid testing, nasal spray vaccines, trust and self-empowerment instead of hierarchical control


Can “immunity bubbles” be created through testing? It depends on the nature of the rapid-antigen tests being used and whether they are able to detect asymptomatic infectious persons. Clearly, not using a bottom-up approach to implement widespread and cheap testing has caused more pandemic problems and costly governmental reactions. Relatedly, with nearly all the focus on injected vaccines, much more effective treatments are being overlooked, which include engineered nanobodies (AeroNabs from UCSF) and lipopeptides (e.g., from Columbia U.) that prevent infection, as well as intranasal spray vaccines! We explore facets of these vaccines, because they appear to be more effective at preventing severe symptoms and stopping infectiousness than injected vaccines, which could end the pandemic and all the costly restrictions. Once again, empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being by enabling widespread access to such products is needed, rather than more top-down programs. Command-and-control systems sacrifice many human needs, including trust. On the blood testing front, consider using https://ownyourlabs.com. And Primal practitioner Mark Sisson has another helpful book out called Two Meals a Day.


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