158 – Final episode, official narrative collapse with Omicron, mental growth, resilience, eudaemonia


The wave of covid cases of the omicron variant continues to spread worldwide, and the covid-19 vaccines (and boosters) clearly aren’t preventing infection and spread of it. Only one kind of monoclonal antibody treatment, Sotrovimab by GlaxoSmithKline, tends to be effective against this variant, though it’s in short supply. Vitamin D levels need to be maintained over 30ng/mL for more optimal immune-system function, as noted here: https://vitamindforall.org/ Joe Rogan has done various informative interviews with medical experts who disagree with the top-down handling of the pandemic and who advocate for viable treatments. https://www.react19.org is a grassroots site for those who’ve suffered with long-covid from SARS2 or the vaccines. Honoring the pillars of self-esteem and processing developmental trauma can foster more health and well-being in the midst of this pandemic. Envisioning a hopeful future is a key to resilience, which entails ridding ourselves of domination systems that thwart human flourishing. It’s time for a rights-respecting stage of development that honors individuals rather than an unjust stage that upholds hierarchies using power-over strategies. Psychedelic-assisted therapy can aid in this waking-up process of integration; our culture can evolve beyond rigidity and chaos, into compassion and flourishing. On the personal side, I recovered from omicron in January, which was similar to a cold I had three years ago in Sydney, other than partial loss of smell and taste that’s gradually returning. My treatment regimen was similar to the FLCCC alliance’s. Vaccinating children for Covid-19 makes no scientific sense and can jeopardize their health. The narrative by “officials” has collapsed with omicron, and the pandemic can come to an end. Be well and practice loving kindness, and thank you Thich Nhat Hanh.

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