98 – Choices to be healthy


(duration 24:29)In this episode we discuss keeping healthy during such candy-laden times as Halloween. Dark chocolate and coconut shavings “toasted” in either butter or coconut oil are great alternatives. Since we live in a culture that doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace healthy lifestyles, it can be challenging to navigate social relations. Once again, nonviolent communication, which entails connecting with feelings and needs, really assists in this process with both self and others. A good nutritional rule of thumb is to aim for less than a hundred grams of carbs per day for optimal health–and make sure you get enough sound sleep! It turns out that you can eat Primal on the cheap; if you have a tight budget, it’s not necessary to get “grass-fed” meat or “organic” this or that in order to eat Primal and dramatically improve your health.

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