94 – Carb binges and standards of perfection


(duration 25:21)In this show we delve into the process of binging on carbs, as noted in a recent study. In an all-too-common practice, people reach for the carbs to deal with their hunger and cravings, rather than relying on healthy fat as their main energy source. The key is to keep yourself satiated with various fats such as coconut and palm and olive oils, all sorts of nuts and butters, instead of sugars and grains. Veggies and fruits are an important compliment to your fats and protein. We also discussed the nature of the “perfect” body and optimal health. Rather than pursue some unrealistic standard of perfection, have a standard based on the reality of your ideal body fat percentage and a happy mindset. Self-acceptance is key.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Craving Carbs on an Empty Stomach by Anahad O’Connor


How Perfect Is The Perfect Body? by Stefani Ruper


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