Paleo Bread is here!

The Paleo Bread

I’m sure many in the paleo and low carb world are rejoicing at the idea of being able to transport the insides of their sandwiches into their mouths on something other than lettuce…but is this the answer? I’m in agreement with this blogger on not going too crazy on this stuff. However, if they have a coconut flour version, I may change my mind and go crazy on this stuff! Paleo bread slathered with coconut oil? Paleo french toast? Hmm…

Here’s the post from grokettesprimalmusings, with some relevant data on why it may be a good idea to use this as a treat rather than a staple:

It is here! Well, almost… The Paleo Bread! It will be distributed to stores around the country starting June 29th. Paleo peeps rejoice, as they are salivating over the possibility of sinking their teeth into the fresh, fluffy goodness of bread with ham, cheese, mayo, pickles, and tomatoes. Finally, we no longer have to suffer through our sad little lives of Paleo doom. Imagine the possibilities! Almond butter and jam sandwiches, ham and cheese, French toast… you name it. With the Paleo Bread it is all possible. And it’s Paleo!!!

Or… is it?

Friends, when you started your Paleo journey… no, wait, let’s make this about me! When I started my Paleo journey, I was your regular bread and pasta junky! Bread for breakfast, bread for lunch, pasta for dinner. Sleep. Repeat. Then I dove into the subject of Paleo-ism… and I found that wheat is not my friend. With a heavy heart I quit eating bread (and pasta, and rice, and legumes… etc!) I wondered how I will find substitutes, especially for my lunch time sandwiches. It took a little while for my brain to shift and get the idea, that maybe substitutes weren’t what I needed to be looking for. Maybe sandwiches, to me, could be a thing of the past, and I could eat other things instead. I came up with all kinds of wonderful solutions to this “problem”… and so, I have not eaten a sandwich in 18 months.

The Paleo Bread comes as almond flour bread and as coconut flour bread. We’ve all learned that coconut flour and almonds are great for us. Or well, we’ve learned that almonds are almost great for us. Enjoyed in moderation, after soaking, sprouting, and dehydrating them, a handful of almonds a day makes for a wonderful snack. The occasional almond flour pancake breakfast brings ultimate joy and Oooohs and Aaaahs to my house. And it’s wonderful to live in the 21st century and be able to offer this treat to my family.

BUT, should you be indulging in paleo bread every day? Absolutely not. Chances are, the almonds used for this bread are not raw, nor soaked, nor dehydrated, and therefore not as easily digestible. Meaning, phytic acids (naturally occurring in almonds) binds to vital minerals in your gut, making it impossible to be absorbed into your intestine… and down the road will lead to a mineral deficiency. (Read this lengthy article on Mark’s Daily Apple if you feel so inclined). You will also throw off your omega 6/3 balance by eating too many almonds.

Having said all that… I will likely give this bread a try. Well, let’s say, I’ll let my kids give it a try, because I honestly don’t have that much of an interest. But it shall remain a treat, and it will not become a household stable. I made a conscious decision to be Paleo. And things like paleo bread, no matter how delicious it tastes, will remain the lesser evil, to be enjoyed in moderation (like, really, really!!), but will certainly never become a main source of nutrition for me.

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