Pancakes in Paradise

I’m in San Diego this week and the Santa Ana winds are blowing. I can’t imagine wanting to be many other places, high temperatures reaching the high-80’s and cooling off nicely to the low 60’s at night. Today, I’m planning to do a quick natural movement workout a little before noon, and soaking up a little sun for vitamin D production!

But this morning I sinned! When I travel, I try not to worry about being perfect paleo or even perfect low carb. I go with the Pareto 80/20 principle (or more like 90/10 in my case), and still eat low carb and paleo as much as possible, but figure that I’m going to be doing a little more of that 10% than usual on these days.

So this morning, I slipped and had a regular, straight up pancake with my breakfast, equipped with butter and maple syrup. The rest of my breakfast was paleo to the max- scrambled eggs, bacon, and some fruit. This was at a cafe and the pancake came with the breakfast that I ordered, and it was one of those huge pancakes! I saved it to the end and ate half of it and felt like I didn’t need any more. It tasted GOOD, but my body told me that this was a strange new food I was giving it. I didn’t have any digestive issues but definitely had a different feel.

And, I’m not freaking out about it!

This will not be the last “slip” on this trip, but I after going to the store yesterday, I am now traveling with apples, avocadoes, macadamia nuts, and beef jerky, so it’s not likely that I will be jumping on the high carb train again anytime soon!

Just for fun, here’s a hilarious video I came across from a guy who stumbled upon a double rainbow:

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