Did you have a healthy Halloween?

This year, I avoided the temptation to write up a pre-halloween blog post warning of all the dangers of eating candy, sending your insulin levels through the roof and getting sick a coupe weeks later. I also avoided telling anyone to avoid candy, or giving people advice on other tips & tricks to have a happy, healthy halloween.

Nope, this year I decided to lay low. Some people are going to do what they can to make things healthier, like handing out various types of so-called “health” snacks (I REALLY hope none of the paleo people actually handed out beef jerky!). Others will just let their guard down and scarf down the Snickers, Milky Ways, and Mounds bars to their hearts’ content. And still others will refuse to participate completely and not even acknowledge the silly holiday!

So now that the day is past, how do you feel? Did you charge it with the trick-or-treaters and pick up pillow cases full of candy? Did your kids bring home some “treats”? Or did you stick with what works and gives you energy, a low carb diet, and buck the trend of eating junk on the 31st and the days to follow?

If you broke down and indulged in wrapped up pieces of candy, all is not lost! No need to beat yourself up, no need to feel bad. All you need to do is pick right back up and get back to what you know is healthy.

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