Keeping your diet together on vacation

I’m on sort of a working vacation trip at the moment, and have had a few challenges in eating healthy. My family doesn’t eat like me (they’re not yet quite on board with low carb, although I’d like to think I’ve had SOME influence), and staying with them makes it a little more difficult to stay on track with my eating.

When hanging out with friends and family who may not share your desire to eat optimally, the most important thing is to stay strong psychologically. There will certainly be a lot of pressure to conform to the group, to eat more, and to have celebratory desserts and drinks.
If you stick to your guns, and only have the desserts and higher carb meals when YOU want to, eventually the people around you will likely respect your choices.

So what should these choices consist of?

Stick with whole foods: Fruits, nuts, things that don’t come from a package. If you have a big high carb meal, turn down desert. Your insulin levels will be spiked from your meal, and piling on a dessert could really wreck you, especially if you’re not used to lots of carbs! Explain why you eat the way you do, but do not try to convince others that they should eat that way as well. Family especially will be tough to convince, so your best bet is just to be as healthy as you can- and let them know you are doing this to better yourself, and because you want to, but that you’re not trying to change them. Eventually they may see the benefits of low carb as you stay healthy and fit!

Enjoy your family & friends as much as you can. No sense in letting yourself get stressed out- this can be worse for you then a couple of frosted old fashioned donuts!

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