The Calorie Counting Myth

Many people are obsessed with calories.

“How many calories are in that donut?”

What a silly question!

“There are 320 calories in this bag of almonds!”

This is meaningless!

There in fact could be fewer calories in that donut than in the bag of almonds. But guess which food item is going to raise your insulin levels and have a deleterious affect on your health? Hint: It’s not the almonds.

We now know there have been countless examples of people who increased there calorie intake, and, despite common wisdom. LOST weight! It comes down to keeping your insulin levels in check. A sugar-laden donut will shoot insulin levels up pretty high, and you will end up storing fat in the process. Almonds will keep you at an even keel level.

Beyond that, counting calories is a total pain. Eating lots of good fats, and eating when you are hungry is a good call. Choose wisely: Eat whole foods where ever possible, and avoid downing straight carbohydrates- and you will have more energy and keep your body in fat check mode instead of fat storage mode!

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