The idea of slipping on your diet

Just talked to a friend yesterday (who is also a healthy mind fit body podcast listener!) who has successfully cut carbs down and lost fat for a while, only to slip back into old ways and regain the lost weight.

Easy to do, I’m sure. He has 2 kids, and a full time job, and tries to squeeze in a workout most days too.

So how does a slip happen?

Partly, it’s what you are buying at the store, and partly, it’s having demanding children around. The grocery shopping part is easy. Don’t buy unhealthy items and have them around your house. But I’m sure you’ve heard that before!

The kids thing is a bit more difficult. They may be demanding because you have provided them with junk food in the past, and they have become accustomed to it, maybe even addicted to carbs! If this is the case, instead of telling them they can’t have any of the crackers, cookies, sodas, etc. that they may be used to, just simply don’t buy it. They will have plenty of opportunities to get that stuff outside the home, but eventually, they will get used to the healthier meals and snacks, and the candy just won’t taste as good!

And then, you as the parent won’t have easy access to all that bad stuff either. Win-win!

“Slipping” also only happens if you are still viewing eating low carb as “being on a diet”. It’s crucial to start to change your psychology to thinking about an eating lifestyle, rather than just a diet. We have much more on this in the free audio below, and in the book, Healthy Mind Fit Body!

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