Eating healthy in busy times

I’m as busy as ever, going through a product launch this week and next, as well as several other things going on in my personal life. Suddenly, I haven’t had time to prepare meals or even go grocery shopping! I’ve missed several workouts lately (which usually never happens), and have been sedentary (at my computer a lot). What can I do to keep healthy and fit with little time? Here’s what I’ve done right:

1. I’ve avoided doing the fast food thing. As tempting as it is, fast food I know is a health sinker. I’ve gone with berries and nuts over sausage McMuffins on my busiest days.

2. Every day I try to move as much as possible. Even as I am missing workouts, I’m still squeezing in a 15 minute walk or just parking further away from the store when I run errands.

3. I’ve made grocery shopping a priority. Without groceries, I go hungry while I’m working at home. This leads to needing to go out to eat. Even if it’s healthy food I’m getting out, I will likely overeat since I didn’t have my nuts and other snacks on hand.

What I’ve done wrong:

1. I have not used my time wisely. During busy times it’s good to get workouts in in the morning. I have been waking up early and getting right to work. Bad.

2. I have been getting erratic sleep. I’ll sleep 8 hours one night then 5 the next. This isn’t good for mental or physical health! Good to get to bed early during stressful times.

I can’t wait to get through the next couple of weeks, but in the mean time, life must be enjoyed as much as possible with a healthy mind and a fit body!

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