Breaking bad nutritional habits

I had a discussion with a friend last night about the problems people run into when they are trying to lose weight. We agreed on the fact that a lot of the problem is psychological in nature, rather than simple will power as many thin people believe. My friend, who is in the medical profession, told me that a lot of her clients have a much easier time quitting smoking than doing what they need to do with their diet to lose the weight they want to lose!

I can definitely relate to this. Growing up, my family ALWAYS had dessert after dinner. There was never a question of what was coming after dinner! Usually ice cream, cookies, or cake. To this day, I often have a slight craving for sweets after I have a meal. However, I’ve learned to eat just a small piece of dark chocolate, or a cup of healthy hot cocoa sweetened with stevia powder, to satisfy my craving.

The problems come with the rituals. Here are some tips to break out of your bad habits or fat-producing rituals.

1. Do you often follow up your workouts with pizza & beer? Try only eating pizza on rare occasion, and opt for thin crust. Try bubbly water instead of beer.

2. Do you always eat popcorn when going to (or watching) movies? Bring some almonds or cashews next time, save the money, and your insulin from spiking, and fat from accumulating!

3. Eat more fruit, as it can act like dessert.

4. Use stevia powder instead of sugar or other sweeteners. Stevia is natural and has 0 carbs, 0 calories.

5. Don’t start the day with a sugar kick. This will set you up for cravings all day long, and make sure to keep your energy levels on the low side.

6. Don’t beat yourself up. If you currently drink 2 sodas a day, start by cutting down to 1, and have sparkling water for the other one. Set small, attainable goals and follow through with them for 2 weeks, then up the ante.

Since we all eat every day, several times a day for most of us, habits are not easy to break free from. Starting small and using the sentence completion exercises in the Healthy Mind Fit Body book are a great way to develop new, healthy habits and allow you to achieve your perfect body.

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