Guilt free brownies?

I was in Trader Joe’s the other day and it smelled like yummy chocolate. The sample they were giving away that day was “Guilt-Free Brownies”. Was this one of the carb substitute products we just mentioned on the podcast with Low Carb Lindsey, as well as the last one with Jimmy Moore? I was excited!

Only to find out, “guilt-free” means no FAT! UGGGG!!! Brownies are by no means a health food, but what better way to make them even less healthy and with less taste than to take out the fat! Just for kicks, I checked out the box mix. 26g of carbohydrates per serving!

I have to wonder if we’ve finally jumped the shark in terms of the low fat craze. A fat free desert is actually worse for you than eating one with all the fat calories. I thought we learned this back in the days when “Snackwells” (fat free cookies) finally lose their popularity.

Unfortunately, “guilt” and eating fat still go together when it comes to the demands of the mainstream public. Otherwise, chains like Trader Joe’s would have no reason to carry such a useless item!

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