52 – Is orthorexia a problem


(duration 25:48)

In this show we discuss the nature of having “rigid” rules for eating. Is there a downside to eating healthily all the time? Further, are there any upsides to not caring much about what you’re consuming? We explore whether healthy eating might become an “obsession” for some and why some view it as pathological. What matters, of course, is what foods you focus on as staples, so there is no need to be overly strict. Your relationship to things that aren’t so healthy, such as “junk food,” also needs attention. Clearly, having the right nutritional info is key in this process, which will help you become more in harmony with your food choices, and they’ll come more naturally. Also, the psychological process of overcoming habits that aren’t so healthy and that may be causing disruption in your life is crucial–so that you can be at peace with yourself.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Podcast episode 8 in which we discussed aging…

Dedication to Healthy Foods Considered an Eating Disorder by George Dvorsky

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