51 – Tech devices for fitness, avoiding healthiness self-sabotage and happiness anxiety


(duration 24:23)

In this show we discuss weight scales, heart monitors, and robots that are being used in the health community. Should we turn to technology to help us with our weight loss or fitness goals? Well, it’s important to measure body fat on occasion rather than stepping on the scale frequently. And unless you’re super competitive, heart rate monitors cater to the misguided fitness notion of chronic cardio; instead, do more natural movements, strength training, and high intensity bursts of exercise, such as sprints. Beware the “cheat day” cycle and focus on healthy replacements. The future might look bright for AI software that can assist people mentally and physically. Now, what does it take to maintain the healthy mind fit body lifestyle? We explore they psychological side of this issue via a comment on our last podcast. Self-acceptance is key, as is self-awareness of subconscious thoughts and feelings, in order to become more integrated and focused on your own integrity with healthy processes.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

These Digital Trainers Know How to Motivate by Anne Eisenberg

Psychology beyond the Brain: What scientists are discovering by measuring the beating of the heart by Adam Waytz

bumper music “All In My Head” (Remix) – http://www.kosheen.com

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