Welcome to a site that can help you deal with the conflicts within yourself, and maybe even in the world. :) For a basic understanding, feel free to explore the 3 Essentials Interactive Guide to make breakthroughs, overcome plateaus, and facilitate greater mind-body connection. We designed the ebook and podcast around self-empowerment, after all, in order to help you achieve your optimal self.

From the second reboot of the podcast in 2019, the focus has expanded to include much more social and political aspects of our lives—our broader cultural environment. Oftentimes, we find ourselves trying to attain an optimal self amidst confusing ideas, dysfunctional behaviors, and distorted psychological mirrors of others. Ultimately, everyone can suffer from the seemingly intractable—and commonly normalized—problems of our culture, so it’s important to get the essential information by which to flourish, both psychologically and interpersonally. Enjoy the journey!