151 – FDA impeding pandemic solutions, nature of dieting, costly dietary guidelines, keto treats


While the Olympics in Tokyo are scheduled this summer, only the athletes and local spectators will be allowed entry. Japan’s vaccine rollout has been minimal thus far. In America there’s a chance that covid-19 tests will become available over the counter, though still via the command-and-control FDA process. Author of a new book called Just Eat misses the mark regarding what and how to eat for optimal health, though he did recommend reducing processed carbs. Dr. Ken Berry’s interview with dietician Michelle Hurn (linked below) discusses what’s been happening in hospitals and the institutionalized health care system as well as their ties to the processed-food industry. Finally, keto treats oftentimes try to mimic sweet and baked desserts that we’re so used to with the Standard American Diet, so there’s that. Using them to transition to savory whole foods (mostly from animals) or only on special occasions is probably most prudent.



LIVE: Dr Berry & Registered Dietitian Michelle Hurn | Dietitian’s Dilemma


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