149 – Catching up with Kevin, doughnut-related issues, keto-carnivore-ish blood readings from labs


In this episode Kevin joins in the fun! In addition to addressing healthy blood test results, we discuss a range of issues, from the seeming slow pace of anti-aging biotech (Aubrey de Grey!), the misguided trend of veganism and ongoing false nutritional information, to mistaken notions of empathy within domination systems (such as governmental schooling). Additionally, regenerative agriculture and sustainable, caring (ultimately, non-corporate) ranching methods need to become widespread. Processed foods, such as our beloved donuts (sarcasm), are geared to cater to short-term pleasures and comfort at the expense of long-term health and well-being. Case in point: fast-food restaurants, where it’s vital to steer clear of the excess carbs and things fried in “vegetable” oil. Intermittent fasting, or reduced eating windows, can facilitate fat-loss and improve biomarkers, which can be a challenge in a food-abundant world. Eating low-carb/high-fat (especially, carnivore-ish) whole foods appears to minimize risk of CVD and other diseases. “Normal” or “optimal” ranges of blood readings can vary across labs, of course, which tend not to account for keto/carnivore diets. The HDL/Triglyceride ratio (best less than 1 or 2) continues to be a useful marker, among other inflammation indicators. Live long and prosper. :)

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