148 – Questioning dogmatic pronouncements and propaganda, weight-loss remedies, sunlight benefits


Once again, we need widespread rapid antigen testing (for all individuals, not just “authorized” clinics) and engineered nanobodies (AeroNabs) and lipopeptides to end the pandemic. Of course, governmental restrictions and vaccinations are being provided instead, which represent the top-down organizational model that presumes to be in charge of “public health.” Unsurprisingly, this flawed model has also been overseeing the rise in obesity, so weight-loss drugs continue to be promoted by “experts,” instead of beneficial nutritional solutions such as Virta Health. We need to beware dogmatic pronouncements that often contain various “hallmarks of propaganda,” as Georgia Ede pointed out (link below). Governmental orgs such as the USDA and WHO have been contributing to a lot of nutritional misinformation and even disinformation, via unscientific biases. Finally, dogmatic pronouncements to stay out of the sun appear to be harming human health more than helping it. Sunlight can provide many health benefits that vitamin D3 supplements unfortunately do not, as reflected in the research.

‘A Game Changer’: Drug Brings Weight Loss in Patients With Obesity by Gina Kolata

Virta Health: Clinically-proven Treatment for Diabetes Reversal

Georgia Ede: Brainwashed — The Mainstreaming of Nutritional Mythology

Is Sunscreen the New Margarine? by Rowan Jacobsen
vitamin-D/sun-exposure app…

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