147 – Challenging common mistaken assumptions in the nutritional realm, once again


In this episode we explore the realm of medical and nutritional dogmas, which we’ve of course covered in the past, yet they continue to mislead and prevent helpful strategies. Turns out, sitting is not the new smoking; occasional movement is key to preventing inflammation. Strength training as we age can forestall sarcopenia. Apparently, before the advent of electricity, people slept about the same amount of hours per night as we do today. We need to understand the many benefits of eating meat, both for ourselves and the environment, as Sacred Cow notes. Cholesterol and saturated fat (and meat) continue to be misunderstood and fearmongered to the detriment of everyone’s health. “Vegetable oil,” aka soybean oil, is widely used, yet still unhealthy, similar to other industrialized, rancid seed oils. It’s probably best to avoid high concentrations of oxalates in foods, such as spinach and almonds. Once again, being fat-adapted is typically much healthier than being carb-adapted, since excess insulin secretion can result in a host of problems.

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