155 – Ills of authoritarianism, Covid-19 vaccine controversies, ivermectin for prevention and treatment


The CCP in China remains opposed to any thorough investigations of the origins of SARS2, which isn’t surprising given the nature of that domination system. Joe Rogan had an “emergency podcast” about nonsensical YouTube take-downs, public health corruption and controversies, and ivermectin. Governmental systems such as the FDA and its Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 vaccines have predictably induced a host of perverse incentives (such as “vaccines at all costs” viewpoint), which hinder viable pandemic-ending strategies. Dr. Tess Lawrie’s research and meta-analysis of ivermectin’s efficacy and findings on the purported safety of Covid-19 vaccines have been explored in interviews (links below). Needless to say, ivermectin is not “the new hydroxychloroquine,” as some in the medical community claim; rather, it’s a way to lessen risk of SARS2 infection, transmission, and long-haul covid-19 (and post-vaccination) symptoms. Finally, the Novavax subunit (spike protein) vaccine might prove to be the best thus far of covid-19 vaccines. Essentially, the harmful developmental stage of Amber and the inadequate and misguided stages of Orange and Green perpetuate orthodox institutions and entrenched thinking (aka, impaired sense-making), which need to be transcended to a wholesome integration of Teal stage. On the personal health and well-being front, the San Diego Low-Carb Conference is happening in August.

Covid: China rejects WHO plan for second phase of virus origin probe

1671 – Bret Weinstein & Dr. Pierre Kory – The Joe Rogan Experience
DarkHorse Podcast with Tess Lawrie & Bret Weinstein
Your Questions Answered By Dr. Tess Lawrie
Dr. Mobeen Syed with Dr. Tess Lawrie Discusses Covid and Vaccines

Ivermectin Shows Us the Consequences of Politicized Science
an tragic example of institutional groupthink in medicine…
Make Sense Podcast – Sam Harris – A Contagion of Bad Ideas: A Conversation with Eric Topol (Episode #256)
Bret and Heather 89th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: Transcendental Medication

Alexandros Marinos on Twitter: “Welcome to the “making sense of the ‘making sense podcast’ thread.” Let’s listen together to Episode #256 (A Contagion of Bad Ideas: A Conversation with Eric Topol) The whole podcast is unpaywalled on YouTube: https://t.co/JF6SQ3Q2rb We’ll follow the flow of the podcast.”
Alexandros Marinos on Twitter: “Allright. Down the rabbit hole we go. I’ll do a line-by-line read of the latest Quilette piece by Deigin and Berlinski (not @-ing to not annoy) on @BretWeinstein. I’m bothered enough that I want to strip off the invective and see if there’s anything left.” https://t.co/PlEoQz30RL
Kate Fitzgerald on Twitter: “Yes Indeed – never mind the potential for long term health issues”
COVID-19 tied to brain tissue loss, early research suggests
Shane Crotty on Twitter: “@NoTillBill @MvAndel @eatcookwrite @Erst_Officer Wow, you are doing an amazing job of ignoring numbers. 600,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. None from the RNA vaccines. While the vaccines have saved hundreds of thousands of lives already.” https://t.co/WcGh8mGJCf
Eric Topol on Twitter: “The @US_FDA’s overdue full approval of mRNA vaccines is holding us back from getting millions of more people protected, at a time of urgent need, with the Delta variant on the rise. My guest essay @nytopinion https://t.co/VOUxXByyjM w/ thanks for editing @jopearl”

Updated: Ivermectin Mechanism of Action (MOA) by Dr. Mobeen Syed
further information…
Random chit chat with Dr. Mobeen
Novavax Is Now the Best COVID-19 Vaccine – Persistent hype around mRNA vaccine technology is now distracting us from other ways to end the pandemic. by Hilda Bastian

LowCarbUSA San Diego 2021 | Keto Conference | Metabolic Health

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