119 – Liberation from shame pathways


(duration 43:57) We’re finally back in the saddle (apologies for the delay!). As we’ve let the show age like a fine primal wine, we share news that Kevin is departing and that Wes will continue solo (sometimes w/ guests) for at least the next year. In this episode we explore parts of a couple informative books on nutrition (links below), including detrimental aspects of “vegetable oils,” aka, industrial seed oils, as well as current findings on oxidized omega 3s. Then we finish our series on the experience and beliefs about shame, in which we note once again that it’s unhelpful for win/win interactions with self and others—since shame is the opposite of self-esteem. We cover the following related components from the inner liberation process, which is featured on http://radicalcompassion.com:
-Self-acceptance: Accepting oneself with unconditional caring.
-Reconnecting to self and recovering from reactivity: Reactivity is internal resistance to what is. Recovery is letting go of that resistance. Reconnecting to self is being with one’s own experience with presence and compassion.
-Honest self-expression: Owning one’s experience and having the willingness to express authentically without blame or criticism.
-Responding to others’ reactivity: Responding rather than reacting to others who are caught up in intense separating emotions.
-Openness to feedback: Receiving other’s perspective about our actions with equanimity and centeredness.
-Cultivating vitality: Tuning in to oneself to support balanced self-care; cultivating the energy to serve life.
As noted below, we also went on a few tangents in this concluding show as a duo, including the ill effects of a society that tends to disfavor political freedom and, thus, self-responsibility.

All In The Mind podcast episode discussing orthorexia…

Two recent books that explain much of the twisted history of nutritional dogma and provide valuable ancestral health information…

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food by Catherine Shanahan M.D.

The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet by Nina Teicholz

We no longer recommend omega 3 fish oil supplements, due to the following research:
Oxidation of Marine Omega-3 Supplements and Human Health
choice quote…
“Lipid peroxides hasten oxidation of other fatty acids to create further lipid peroxides in an expansive chain reaction. We speculate that ingested omega-3 peroxides could lead to lipid membrane peroxidation, cell damage, and oxidative stress, which are known to be mechanisms of disease. Endogenous membrane lipid peroxidation results in altered membrane fluidity, transport, and cell signalling [8] which also may be an important disease mechanism.”

Fish oil supplements in New Zealand are highly oxidised and do not meet label content of n-3 PUFA

supplemental reading…

Shame on You (with Jennifer Jacquet) – https://verybadwizards.fireside.fm/89

the NVC (aka, connected communication) workshop that Kevin attended in LA was hosted by http://www.newtbailey.com

Penn Jillette on Libertarianism | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)


Pathways to Liberation Self-Assessment


groundbreaking research on psychedelic-assisted therapy…

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