114 – The taskmaster


(duration 18:39) This time we discuss the kind of inner critic known as the taskmaster, which tries to keep one from being considered mediocre or lazy. It fears failure and thus pushes more and more, and it becomes a lot to live up to, sacrificing needs for ease, comfort, relaxation, inner peace, as well as humor. Finding healthy balance in achieving things is key. We need to understanding the genesis of the taskmaster in childhood, when parents might’ve distrusted one’s own decision-making process, bossed one around, and sent messages about being “less-than,” or unworthy. We need to be aware of these developmental aspects of how our need for self-esteem can go unmet, as well as how to heal by gaining a new perspective about our capability and worthiness for happiness. Developing a contemplative and self-empathetic mind set can give rise to the saying, “Don’t just do something. Sit there.” :)



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