113 – The molder


(duration 19:45) In this episode we delve into the nature of the inner critic called the molder, which is formed early on in our minds, attempting to keep us from being abandoned, punished, shamed and shunned. The rules of authoritarian systems (be they in families, religions, schools, or governments) coupled with the punishment model tend to perpetuate the molder within us. Being a rebel or a free spirit can be a reaction to the molder’s injunctions about conforming to societal standards. Contradictions about the self are common in our culture. So, coming to terms with our true nature, which entails embracing our enlightened self-interest and needs-fulfillment, is vital to the processes of individuation and independent self-expression. This thereby fosters more integrated ways of being with ourselves and others, based on standards that don’t conflict with our true nature.




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