112 – The destroyer

January 29, 2017

(duration 18:42) In this episode we cover the nature of the inner critic identified as the destroyer. We can tragically internalize severe judgments against our self-worth early in life, in family and cultural systems. And this can lead to self-destructive behaviors and nihilism, as well as actions destructive of others and property. Internally, we can be engaged in a battle with the destroyer in an attempt to quell it, which can contribute to cycles of conflict with self and others. In contrast, when we shift to a perspective to empathy, understanding, and love, we can compassionately connect with the wounds of the past and work to resolve the self-esteem deficit of this inner critic. The following sentence stems might be helpful (try to provide 6-8 endings)…

If I were motivated by a belief that it’s safe to exist…
If I believe that it’s safer to exist than not to exist…
If I can honor my self-worth, even when a part of me doesn’t want to…
As I learn to understand the part of me that doesn’t honor myself…


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