83 – The severe health effects of government

November 25, 2011

(duration 29:28)

After discussing a recent cruise and the nature of the foods onboard, we delve into the parallel needs for self-responsibility and independent thinking in the realms of nutrition and political philosophy. Being major advocates of freedom, we discuss the nature of “government,” particularly its inherent rights-violating and propagandistic ways, which don’t serve the interests of individuals. The corporate food and nutrition industries tend to use the coercive tools of government to promote their own agendas, which aren’t so healthy for individuals either. Fortunately, health care will eventually be based on self-reliance and free market services, not a top-down, hierarchical system at odds with personal choice, property rights, and prosperity. Same goes for children’s education, where intrinsic motivation (rather than external control) is essential for growth and flourishing. Speaking of which, be sure to check out the upcoming PaleoFX Theory to Practice Symposium.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

a little levity – Muppet Show – Swedish Chef – making donut …maybe gluten free? ;)

Mark Sisson talks to Lew Rockwell on how to get healthier

our political future of complete liberty…


U.S. House protects pizza as a vegetable




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3 comments on “83 – The severe health effects of government

  1. Well, any opinions???

  2. Chris H. Dec 1, 2011

    What I would like to see is a “healthy people insurance” company where only people who eat right, exercise, and take care of themselves can join. Very unachievable and it would be hard to regulate but I do not want to pay high premiums into a company that is insuring people who are destroying their bodies. Insuring people who treat themselves like that is like betting on losing horse. You know they are going to be needing more care later on.

  3. No doubt, Chris. Presently, insurance is one of the most heavily regulated industries, where corporate cronies and big lobbyists hold constant sway. We consumers face greatly limited choices as a consequence, coupled with exorbitant fees.

    In the free market of the future, your proposal for custom-tailored insurance plans would be the order of the day, at very reasonable prices. Because there will be a high demand for such plans in an economy that doesn’t coerce customers into one-size-fits-all programs (the ultimate manifestation being governmental or “single payer” so-called health care), entrepreneurs will cater to this accordingly. In the meantime, a “catastrophic” insurance plan might be most cost effective.

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