81 – Snipping the string of yo-yo dieting


(duration 26:24)In this episode we discuss the nature of gaining weight back and yo-yo diets. We cover a CBT study wherein subjects were not able to minimize post-treatment weight gain. We attribute this not to the therapeutic treatment per se, but rather to the uncertain nutritional regimen of the participants of the study (involving the caloric theory of weight loss); if you don’t know what will be healthy or unhealthy to eat in terms of various macronutrients, then you’re at a major disadvantage. Additionally, self-knowledge via sentence completion exercises and becoming fluent in nonviolent communication will enable you to form an intimate and empathetic relationship with yourself, which is key to making healthy choices and experiencing happiness for the long term. Oh, and steer clear of the pervasive sweet poison. ;)

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Items mentioned in this episode:

All In The Mind – 10 September 2011 – A weight on my mind

Testing a new cognitive behavioural treatment for obesity: A randomized controlled trial with three-year follow-up


Sweet Poison – Book review of Sugar Nation by Jeff O’connell

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