71 – Getting Skinny with guest Diana Spechler, part 2

May 14, 2011

(duration 23:53)This is part two of our two-part interview with author Diana Spechler, author of Skinny, her latest novel. We pick up our discussion regarding body image issues, particularly being dissociated from certain feelings and disconnected from the process of binging. Increasing your awareness is a necessary but not sufficient condition for moderating your eating. Having nutritional knowledge is vital, as is motivation to treat your body as your temple. We also discuss some letters “To fat people” in the book. Becoming comfortable with being overweight yet being advised to exercise more and eat the same foods that made you overweight (just smaller portions) indeed reflect our confusing food culture. Secreting less insulin by eating fewer grams of carbs daily enables your fat stores to be metabolized. Hunger and desire oftentimes pose motivation challenges, in which issues of control and self-control arise.

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3 comments on “71 – Getting Skinny with guest Diana Spechler, part 2

  1. James May 29, 2011

    Great interview with Diana Spechler. I had been eating low carb for 4 months at the beginning I saw some improvements in my health, but then it plateaued. Also I started to smell like a rotting carcass. I decided I needed to stop eating meat. I hate smelling like that. After hearing about 80/10/10 by Dr. Doug Graham, I started eating more raw fruits and vegetables. My body odor improved immediately. I have felt doing some type of exercise everyday instead of every so often. My metabolism is starting to get better now.

  2. Thanks, James. Geez, I hope you weren’t eating rotten meat! Dogs seem to handle it ok, but not humans (my cousin’s dog’s staple is raw and sometimes rotten chicken wings;). Glad to hear that you’re doing better now, though. Raw fruits and veggies can of course do a body good, and it’s important to eat such foods no matter what else you’re eating. However, raw food in general isn’t exactly the most healthy way to go. A few books have been written recently noting that early humans used fire to cook food to gain more energy and sometimes more nutrients–and our digestive systems evolved accordingly. Here’s an interview with the author of Catching Fire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catching_Fire:_How_Cooking_Made_Us_Human), Richard Wrangham:

    As far as Graham’s 80/10/10 diet goes, well, let’s just say that it doesn’t take into account a lot of scientific research (the above included) and thus we of course wouldn’t recommend eating so many carbs and so little fat. It’s possible to have one’s health markers improve by shifting from the standard American diet to this one, but it’s by no means the healthiest way to go.

  3. James May 31, 2011

    For now, I got plenty of fat to burn. Also, I’m concerned about the environmental factors of planet. I seek to do my part. I’ll still eat cooked food now and again, but personally I feel I should stay away from meat, unless I kill it myself. Then, I’ll relax my standards in that particular moment.

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