71 – Getting Skinny with guest Diana Spechler, part 2


(duration 23:53)This is part two of our two-part interview with author Diana Spechler, author of Skinny, her latest novel. We pick up our discussion regarding body image issues, particularly being dissociated from certain feelings and disconnected from the process of binging. Increasing your awareness is a necessary but not sufficient condition for moderating your eating. Having nutritional knowledge is vital, as is motivation to treat your body as your temple. We also discuss some letters “To fat people” in the book. Becoming comfortable with being overweight yet being advised to exercise more and eat the same foods that made you overweight (just smaller portions) indeed reflect our confusing food culture. Secreting less insulin by eating fewer grams of carbs daily enables your fat stores to be metabolized. Hunger and desire oftentimes pose motivation challenges, in which issues of control and self-control arise.

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