70 – Getting Skinny with guest Diana Spechler, part 1


(duration 27:57)

This is part one of our two-part interview with author Diana Spechler, author of Skinny, her latest novel. We begin by discussing the nature of body image issues. As we noted a couple shows ago, various psychological patterns can be found on bodyconfession.com, one of Diana’s sites. Mental inertia can be self-sabotaging, of course, so self-acceptance (owning various disowned parts of yourself) is key to understanding where you are and getting to where you want to be. Intergenerational transfer of eating patterns from parents (and extended family) to children is common, and one solution is to stock your shelves with healthy choices. “Fat camps” seem to be quick fixes and typically offer programs that are based on calorie-counting rather than a healthy mental perspective on foods and taking into account the insulin factor in weight gain/loss. Articulating and understanding our emotions is another key to developing a healthy self-concept and beneficial eating habits.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Diana Spechler’s website: http://dianaspechler.com (where you can order her latest novel Skinny)
Diana’s other site, for anonymous confessions: http://bodyconfession.com/

a helpful language to learn…Nonviolent communication: a language of life By Marshall B. Rosenberg
http://bit.ly/kqnsYo (google books)

a helpful and comprehensive psychotherapeutic workbook: The Art Of Self-Discovery

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