62 – Everyday Paleo with guest Sarah Fragoso


(duration 40:14)

In this show we explore the facets of Sarah’s transition to Paleo nutrition, her upcoming book, and her focus on health and fitness while maintaining a busy lifestyle and family with three boys. Motivation is key, especially determining what you’re going for (or what you’re chasing), putting your goals into perspective; just showing up for a workout may be a good goal initially. And, for those concerned with getting the family on board with Paleo foods, with the various Paleo recipes that Sarah presents, kids will leave very few left-overs! It’s vital to keep your priorities in line to ensure a happy life as well as practicing honesty with yourself and others. Also, restaurant eating can be done selectively, though not recommended for everyday healthy eating. Btw, the ultimate Paleo kitchen instrument is the pressure cooker! Don’t forget that you can choose from myriad herbs and spices for your tasty dishes.

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