58 – The ills of insulin, part 1


(duration 31:30)

In this show, guest and friend Stephanie Murphy joins us to address a series of posts on the weightology.net blog that dispute the insulin factor in weight management. Stephanie’s academic background is in biochemistry and she’s currently in the midst of her MD/PhD program at Dartmouth. In this first half of our discussion, we explore the nature of insulin and glucose metabolism. Contrary to weightology.net’s claims, relatively high insulin secretion is detrimental not only to body fat accumulation (for most people), but also to overall health and longevity. A high carb eating regimen causes relatively more insulin secretion, which tends to suppress the immune system and contribute to a cascade of hormonal changes involving inflammation–thus, a higher risk of chronic diseases.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Jimmy Moore’s informative podcast

Insulin…an Undeserved Bad Reputation by James Krieger
part 1 – http://weightology.net/weightologyweekly/?page_id=319


Stephanie and Mike’s podcast

Liberty in your lifetime…

bumper music “All In My Head” (Remix) – http://www.kosheen.com

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