57 – Tis the season to challenge eating myths


(duration 17:59)

In this show, we address some of the myths surrounding foods and eating during the holiday season. From gaining weight to so-called food “comas,” the primary culprit is over-doing the carbs, not simply the portion sizes. Beware the marshmallow toppings and all the other sweets, which can really throw off your carbs-to-protein and fat ratios. As during the rest of the year, you want to be burning fat for energy, not carbs. Eating mindfully is one major key to this process, particularly in social situations with not-so-encouraging or knowledgeable influences. Being an independent thinker is crucial in this age of all kinds of dogmatism.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

The Pilgrims and Property Rights: How our ancestors got fat & happy

The Truth about Holiday Eating

Are We Getting Nutrition All Wrong? by Shantanu Nundy, M.D.

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