46 – Natural movement benefits, paleo-ish shopping, cholesterol myths


(duration 36:01)

In this show, Kevin shares his recent natural movement experiences in Austin with Erwan for a day (and I share my unnatural movement experience on the ranch;). It’s important to understand the mental side of natural movement and conditioning in general; be focused and mindful, so as to excel and avoid injuries. Kevin has been taking advantage of some nutritious Paleokits by Steve Liberati, whom he interviewed (at the end of this show). We answer a couple listener emails, one concerning eating paleo-ish and shopping paleo or low carb, and the other concerning the issue of cholesterol and our recommendations.

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A new grocery store choice: http://freshandeasy.com/

Dr. Carlson’s astute analysis of cholesterol
Chapt. 2 http://www.drjamescarlson.com/content.aspx?idx=39
Chapt. 4 (about HDL) http://www.drjamescarlson.com/content.aspx?idx=41

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