Nutritional confusion: Who knows what's right?

If you want to get as healthy as you possibly can, it often can be difficult to sort through all the conflicting reports out there:

“Grains are good!”
“Grains are bad!”
“Fish is good!”
“Fish will give you mercury poisoning!”

The contradictions go on and on coming to you directly from so-called experts. Should you throw your hands up and say “Nobody knows, so I’m just going to eat what I like and ‘think’ should be the right thing.”?

I don’t think so, not when it comes to something as vital as your health.

The first rule of thumb is to ignore most of the stuff you will hear in the mainstream, especially from any of the governmental agencies. Some of it has a grain of truth to it, but a lot of it will jeopardize your health! There is usually an agenda attached to things you see in the media.

Next, make sure there are scientific studies to back claims. Often times, studies are cited, but they have serious flaws (like far too small of a sample size), and therefore are not scientific.

Finally, break free of groupthink. Whenever I’m out I hear a lot of nonsense about food, and it is essential to continue to think for yourself. An example of this is the fear of caloric fat that many people have. “This is great and it’s LOW FAT!” I even hired a chef for a while and every meal she made was low fat- because all her clients were demanding it!

In general, if you simply go about your eating day avoiding carbohydrates where ever possible, you won’t have to worry too much about the insignificant debates like “Is brown rice or quinoa better for you?” or “Should I get whole grain bread or whole wheat bread?” Eating low carb is a huge step in getting healthy, and should be the first change you make in your quest for fantastic fitness and health!

Then you can get into walnuts vs. almonds or whatever, as you zero in further on your best possible level of health.

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