Low Carb Snacking?

One thing that can be difficult when looking after your health and trying to eat the right foods that will help you burn fat instead of gain weight is snacking.

Most of the snacks sold in grocery stores (and vending machines!) is really setting your health back. Potato chips, crackers, cheese puffs, and most of the pre-packaged stuff is unnatural and will do all kinds of bad things for you.

The so-called “nutrition” bars are usually laden with lots of sugar, and sometimes several chemicals that are difficult to pronounce.

So what can you do?

Well there are a few ways around this nutritional challenge!

1. Eat nuts & trail mix. You will get a lot of healthy fat and natural food. Just stay away from the trail mixes that have M&M’s in them!

2. Use energy bars in moderation and read the ingredients. Stick with the lower carb or balanced bars (Carb-Protein-Fat). I tend to go with the Think Thin (high protein) and Clif Mojo (natural & fairly balanced) bars for snacks.

3. Prepare. Snacking is healthy if you eat the right foods. Letting yourself get really hungry will cause you to overeat, and possibly eat whatever is most convenient at the time (which often means the garbage foods mentioned above).

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