26 – Paleo perspectives, the meaning of self-esteem


(duration 21:08)

“Chronic cardio” is the typical prescription for the misguided high-carb/low-fat diet

Having the proper nutritional information is the biggest key to your health and fitness

Our cravings can change based on our mindset and emotional perspective

Paleolithic humans had different lifestyles depending on where they lived and their access to various foods

Nuts are great, regardless of how many of them paleolithic humans ate

Blood tests are a good indicator of whether you’ve been eating properly

The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

Self-esteem is a combined sum of self-efficacy and self-respect

Feeling that you’re worthy of happiness is basically a subconscious issue

Much of our bodies run on autopilot, but our minds set the course based on our ideas and feelings

Being aware and being honest with yourself assist in living with a higher level of consciousness, responsibility, and integrity

Artificial, no calorie, sweeteners don’t really affect insulin levels, but they may induce carbohydrate cravings (catering to one’s “sweet tooth”)

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