25 – Getting primal with guest Mark Sisson


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Mark’s mission is to empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness.


High endurance racing is not very healthy and detracts from longevity, because it requires higher insulin and stress hormone secretion

Shorter, high intensity workouts will benefit your body in the right way and leave you energized

Combining evolutionary biology with modern genetic science identifies the signals that turn on the right genes and turn off the bad ones

The Primal Blueprint is a comprehensive lifestyle plan, not merely a paleo eating regimen

Saturated fat is not to be feared at all (so long as it’s not coupled with lots of carbs!)

Grains ought not be the foundation of your diet, contrary to popular belief

The high-carb/low-fat diet creates problems for which the “solutions” (lots of cardio) create further problems

Our genes depend on various environmental signals

Self-acceptance is key to achieving your optimal weight

Paleolithic humans never got obese like today, and they ate sporadically (or intermittent fasting, which fosters cellular repair)

The good aspect of calorie restriction is reduction of insulin secretion

Fruits today are not what paleolithic humans had access to; rarely did they find more than a 100 grams of carbs to consume

Corn is not good to feed to cattle or humans!

It’s critical to take responsibility for one’s own health, instead of rely on “authorities”

It’s possible to train your body to derive 30% or more of calories from fat during an endurance race

Grains are cheap source of calories that readily convert to glucose (and thus fat) and they are a poor source of micronutrients

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