24 – To eat or not to eat candy cigarettes


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Paleolithic humans didn’t have access to all the carbs that we do today
…they’re not good for us, because our genes aren’t adapted to them

Short, intense exercise is preferable to long, intense (or even slightly less intense) exercise; and going barefoot is good!

Cavemen who walk among us by Katie Engelhart http://www2.macleans.ca/2010/02/26/cavemen-who-walk-among-us/

It’s hard to find healthy carb substitutes, aka low-carb breads and cereals and sweets
…such foods should only be occasional supplements to your healthy eating lifestyle


Ultimately, it’s important to know why you crave high-carb foods, and that requires introspection

Stay tuned for a series on self-esteem principles, the six pillars

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