Does it take fat to burn fat?

Even as the information about the benefits of eating dietary fat become more widespread, it still seems counter-intuitive to many people to eat fat to burn fat! It does seem like at the literal level, if you eat fat, you would naturally get fat.

And the anti-fat mania that started in the 1980’s is still believed to be true today by way too many people.

We should probably have two different words to describe these two things, since it doesn’t work like that. In fact, diets that are higher in fat have been shown to be much healthier than the traditional high-carbohydrate diet.

So how does eating fat burn body fat?

1. Dietary fat, along with protein, both tell your brain that you are full, and it’s time to stop eating. Carbohydrates don’t do this at all! You can continue eating carbs for as long as you want, and the part of your brain which tells you you’re full will not be activated.

2. Dietary fat also burns much slower than carbohydrates. This results in staying full for longer (as mentioned above), and having sustained energy for longer, eliminating the need to eat as many calories as with low-fat, high-carb diets, which rely much more on will power and exercise regimens than do low carb diets.

Lastly, fat tastes good! I know that traditionally, people believe that if something tastes good it must be bad for you. But, outside of trans fats, replacing carbohydrates with tasty fats in your diet, like almonds, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. will allow you to burn more fat- and get down to your optimal weight.

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