76 – The nature of self-control


(duration 22:42)

In this show we discuss the process of staying focused on your healthy lifestyle choices. It’s not a matter of using either sheer will power or “tricks” to stay on track with your dietary goals. Having a “Zen-like focus” isn’t as important as getting in touch with your feelings and needs, so that you can develop strategies for a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t conflict with your long-term goals. Instead of applying duct tape and sitting on your hands, it’s important to deal with subconscious conflict, which may be hindering you from becoming at peace with your choices and feeling good about yourself. Introspection and self-work are key!

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Items mentioned in this episode:

How Self-Control Works by Dan Ariely

where do ideas come from?…

Hilarious Seinfeld Clip (S8E08) broccoli as “vile weed” ;)

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