60 – The turning of the high-carb tide


(duration 32:57)

In this show, we explore some expert opinions from the mainstream about the ills of carbs, which indicate that the high-carb/low-fat diet dogma is starting to be dispelled. Yet the notion that there are “good” and “bad” carbs still persists, such as whole grains (allegedly good) and refined grains (allegedly bad). Actually, lower amounts of carbs from fruits and veggies are much more nutritious than carbs from grains, breads and cereals (not to mention from sweets). Artificial sweeteners are better than sugary sweeteners, but beware habitually consuming “candy cigarettes.” Make sure not to overdo the carbs with dried fruit too. Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for us on podcastawards.com; although we didn’t win, it definitely helped get the hmfb message out. :)

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Items mentioned in this episode:

A reversal on carbs by Marni Jameson

Cleaning up your carb act: Where to begin by Marni Jameson


Calories, fat or carbohydrates? Why diets work (when they do)


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