59 – The ills of insulin, part 2


(duration 35:00)

In this second half of our discussion of the role insulin plays in fat storage, we cover the last two posts on the weightology.net blog that dispute insulin’s role. Guest Stephanie Murphy again joins us to explore some more of the biochemistry involved, including cell glucose channels and receptors. One of the main controversies seems to be whether insulin is mostly inhibitory or excitatory in nature; we side with the latter, i.e., that insulin is mostly a fat storage hormone (resulting from excess carb consumption). Additionally, insulin adversely affects blood lipid levels, among other systemic issues. Trying to lose weight in the way most “authorities” in the mainstream recommend (low fat/ high carb) is an uphill battle, physically (hormonally) and psychologically. We again conclude that relatively high insulin secretion is detrimental not only to body fat accumulation (for most people), but also to overall health and longevity.

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