Dr. Drew and weight loss fallacies

Occasionally, I will listen to the Dr. Drew Show at night before I go to sleep, where people call in with their problems (typically sex & drugs) and he usually does a great job identifying them and giving out solid advice.

However, last night I caught him offering up an outdated myth about losing weight to a caller. The guy calling in said he was very overweight, among other problems, and for this, Drew said “It’s very simple, move more, eat less. Exercise and cut down on your calorie intake. It’s not that hard.”

So Drew is following the already disproven calorie theory of weight loss. Gary Taubes did an excellent job dispelling the notion that weight loss is best achieved by eating fewer calories than you burn, in his 2008 book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, and in his 2008 presentation called Big Fat Lies.

Dr. Drew is just one of many mainstream experts out there who are clinging on to old theories that have had very little success in helping people achieve their optimal weight. Someday, the mainstream view will be more like that of Taubes, and the viewpoint we are putting forth here at Healthy Mind, Fit Body. Simply counting calories and using will power may help a few people lose some weight in the short term, but as long term advice in having a healthy, fit body, and a happy life, it falls flat on its face.

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