Are thin people just crazy?

“Live a little!”

I’ve heard this many times in my life when I’ve voluntarily chosen to pass on bread, skip dessert, or not have that additional beer. I always find this a bit amusing, since the connotation is that I’m sacrificing by not having the carb indulgence that is being presented.

But this is the opposite of what I am doing when turning down these items! Rather than being stuffy and uptight about my diet, I’m actually not interested in overdoing it when it comes to extra carbs at this point of my life (although I used to think this was fun!). I no longer look at overeating or overdrinking as a pleasurable thing. So when the opportunity arises to pound a big dessert when I’m already very satisfied from a delicious, healthy dinner, I don’t have any positive associations in my mind to that dessert, so it is very easy and natural for me to turn it down.

Unfortunately, in our society, gluttony and “sinful” eating are often looked upon as virtuous. It can be disappointing for others in mixed company if you are to say, decline a specific food item that everyone seems to be wild about. This often stems from people’s own inability (or simple refusal) to make rational judgments about their own diet (and life!), so they must find something wrong with others who do not partake.

The people who tell me, and other healthy eaters, to “live a little”, are completely missing the boat here. I enjoy living a LOT, and make it a point to seek pleasure where I can (just like most human beings!). However, the taste of pasta, or a donut, or the feeling from a 3rd glass of wine, do not equate to good things to me- specifically, a fit, healthy body, high energy levels, and ultimately happiness with myself!

So rather than being “crazy”, “too strict”, or “inflexible”, thin people who follow a healthy, low carb diet have simply shifted their associations to what the “good life” really means.

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